Q: Will you make bookings on my behalf?

A: No. We are not a travel agent.


Q: Will you organize group tours?

A: Yes. However keep in mind the personalization will be lost as the group grows.


Q: Do you provide presentations?

A: Yes, with advance booking in the Chicagoland area. Please contact us if you would like a different location.


Q: I cannot decide where I want to travel to. Can you help me decide?

A: Yes. This will be best done via a telephone meeting or personal meeting.


Q: I want to travel to certain countries. How will I know if it is safe to travel?

A: We can consult with the U.S. Secretary of State Travel Advisory listing.


Q: Do you think travelling internationally can be done alone?

A: Yes, definitely. Although, use common sense and extra caution but you can do it!


Q: Do I have to be fluent in the local language?

A: Never, but you have to make an effort. At a minimum learn ‘Do you speak English?’ in the local language. They will appreciate it!


Do you have a question that was not listed here? Please contact us.